Reality KingsPublished: 11 July, 2016

I’ll Cut Your Lawn… And Fuck Your Wife! Porn Ad

Reality Kings I’ll Cut Your Lawn… And Fuck Your Wife! Porn Ad

I’ll Cut Your Lawn… And Fuck Your Wife! is a Reality Kings ad.

Pornstars in I’ll Cut Your Lawn… And Fuck Your Wife!: Ariella Ferrera

Scene Name: Backyard Banging

Story: Trimming hedges, mowing the lawn, cutting the bushes, just an honest days work for a youngster. Outside in 98 degree weather minding my business and my employer feels the urge to get frisky with me. I don t understand MILFs sometimes, they love young dick! I could tell she s been wanting to fuck for the past year, always flirting with me and blowing me kisses from time to time, I guess today was my lucky day. I m blowing away the leaves and Ariella decides to come outside to the lawn and start tanning in the skimpiest bikini I have ever seen! She even decided to tan her boobs for heavens sake! All I m thinking to myself is get away, don t look, and get back to work! Now I m in another part of the house and suddenly Ariella decides to grab my cock from behind! Not knowing any better I tell her to “Leave me alone” and I leave quickly pacing away. She finally tracks me down again and persuades me to let her suck my cock! What a fucking predicament, to make matters worse, her husband is desperately looking for her! Just another day in the life of a lawn boy!

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