Reality KingsPublished: 14 July, 2016

Oh Fuck! My Husband is Back! Porn Ad

Name That Porn Ad Oh Fuck! MY Husband is Back! Reality Kings Ad RK

Oh Fuck! MY Husband is Back! is a Reality Kings ad.

Pornstars in Oh Fuck! MY Husband is Back!: Cassidy Banks, Brad Knight

Scene Name: Into The Wild

Story: Cassidy Banks went camping with her bf and another couple they’re close with. It took them forever to set up the tents and she was pretty beat when it came time to go fetch firewood so she decided to hang back and rest for a bit in her tent. Brad doubled back to camp using the excuse with his girlfriend he was going to get some water for them. He snuck over to Cassidy’s tent and once he saw her laying on her back with her ass nice and plump gyrating in the air, he couldn’t resist and whipped out his cock. He started pleasuring himself to the sight of Cassidy looking super sexy in her tight boy shorts. She caught him in the act once he got a bit too overly excited but once she saw how big his dick was she figured that was as good a time as any to get into it with him. Her shock subdued and they made the whole tent rock back and forth. They almost got caught by her boyfriend but they were able to finish what they started and he jizzed all over her big breasts.

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Oh Fuck! MY Husband is Back! porn ad



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