Reality KingsPublished: 14 July, 2016

Win, Lose or FUCK!

Porn Ad Win, Lose or FUCK! REALITY KiNGs

Win, Lose or FUCK! is a Reality Kings ad.

Pornstars in Win, Lose or FUCK!: Monique Alexander, Chloe Amour, Brad Knight.

Scene Name: Game night

Story: It was game night and the whole gang was together to play. Monique and Chloe had other plans in mind though. While Brad was up at the board trying to draw, Monique kept pretending to suck cock which of course got his attention and distracted him from the game. While everyone was shouting answers at him, he could not help but see that Monique started to take her tits out and flash her pussy. Chloe meanwhile, was egging her on the whole time and getting Brad all hot and bothered. When his turn was up, he went and sat right between both of them on the couch. They immediately started grabbing for his cock and teasing him. Brad could not take it anymore, he got up and gestured for them to come with him behind the couch. These two horny birds went face first right into his raging hard on to suck it down. They where cock starving and could not get enough of swapping his cock into each others mouths while everyone around them played their game. The threesome got real good when they stripped and started riding his cock. You have to check out how all this shenanigans ends with a huge load of nut all over their pretty faces.

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Win, Lose or FUCK! porn ad


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